Program Information

The Israel Experience offers seniors a chance to explore Israel through virtual tours, educational lectures and a culinary experience of each destination.

We have educated and passionate individuals who go to senior-living communities to share the beauty of Israel. Each session, our educators provide an in-depth breakdown of specific Israeli locations with the support of powerpoint slides, videos, and speakers. After the lecture, there is a culinary experience in which seniors get the chance to eat or create a food related to that destination or activity. The seniors will explore the importance, culture, and history of the aspects that make Israel the most diverse and holy country in the world. At the end of the program, which consists of twenty classes, each senior will have had the opportunity to experience the power and greatness of the State of Israel. Certificates, a photo book, and a recipe book with Israeli Cuisine will be delivered upon graduation.

See list below for Destinations covered in this program.

  • Masada
  • Tel Aviv
  • The Western Wall
  • Jerusalem
  • The Kineret
  • Ein Gedi
  • Mei Shearim
  • Jaffa
  • The Dead Sea
  • A Kibbutz
  • A Moshav
  • The Shook
  • The Red Sea
  • Eilat
  • Tel Aviv University, Technion University, Weitzman Institute
  • The Israeli Defense Force
  • The Negev
  • The Israeli Philharmonic
  • Mount Scopus, Dome of the Rock
  • Mount Zion