About Us

The Israel Experience was founded in 2018 by Myrna Bergman and brother in-law, Nitzan Bergman.

Myrna Bergman:  Myrna has tremendous experience in working with the aged, including working as an activity’s director at Belmont Senior Living and Sunrise Senior Living.  She has run the WOW challah program which provided a much needed uplift to Jewish residents in the Camarillo and Thousand Oaks area where eagerly awaited for each Friday bringing light and joy to her participants.  She is considered an expert in her field and has advised on programs, event planning and how to effectively engage with residents. Myrna Lives in Camarillo, California with her family. She has a passion for the elderly and instinctively understands how to improve their quality of life.

Rabbi Nitzan Bergman: Nitzan Bergman is a Master Educator, bringing over two decades of teaching experience to the Jewish community. Under the WOW umbrella, Nitzan oversees the Aseret Global Innitiave. www.Aseretglobal.org.  

Rabbi Bergman holds a degree in economics from the University of Manchester and was ordained a Rabbi at the Heichal HaTorah B’Tzion Yeshiva in Israel. Originally from Johannesburg, Nitzan now lives in Baltimore with his wife and 3 children. His educational career has focused on building Jewish communities wherever he has lived, working with young adults, promoting Jewish values together with the love of Israel – and always making time for tennis.